Dimensional Weight Calculator

Several years ago, all of the shipping carriers implemented a new method of calculating package weight.  It is called dimensional weight, and it was put in place to charge you more for packages that take up lots of space in their trucks (thanks alot Amazon).  This is a really big deal for customers who ship bulky items; however, it affects nearly all shipments and can easily add significant costs.  All carriers base their rates on weight and distance (zones); having a large dimensional weight means you pay more for the shipment.

If you want to know more details about dimensional weight and how to reduce its impact on your shipping costs, check out our blog – The scale says 5 lbs!

This calculator demonstrates the impact of dimensional weight on your shipment.  Enter the weight of your box, along with the length, width, and height.  After you see the standard result, press the “See SI Fulfillment’s Weight” button to see how working with us can help you save on shipping costs.


Reduce The Cost of Your Shipments

Partnering with a fulfillment business who understands dimensional weight will drastically reduce the cost of your shipments.  Contact us to learn more about how SI Fulfillment can lower your total shipping costs.